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3010 round frame





6028 blower

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Large air volume, low noise, long-term work in harsh environment

Focus on the production and development of cooling fans for 11 years, 6000 square meters of plant area, 11 years of industry experience, 86 employees, daily production of 50000 sets


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Professional design and development team

The company has more than 15 R&D members team in various fields;
So far, we have more than 1000 customers' customization experience and more than 100 customers' OEM production and design experience;
11 years of R & D experience in the industry;
It has a plant area of 6000 square meters, 11 years of industry experience, 86 employees and a daily output of 50000 sets;
The cooling fan can be designed according to aerodynamics and hydrodynamics;

Products comply with international/domestic certification

According to your products, complete the whole machine customization from the dimension shaping, appearance design, sample testing, data statistics, performance evaluation, etc;
It has passed CE, ROHS, UL, 3C and other national certification;

Perfect service system and service team

Fast, intimate after-sales support, truly one-stop service;
Instant response, 7 days of rapid delivery, 1-3 days to provide samples to support freight distribution services;
Quality problem products enjoy free replacement and fan maintenance service;

Application cases

Power equipment solutions
Commercial electrical industry solutions
Security monitoring industry solutions
Power supply/UPS industry solutions
Home appliances/smart bathroom solutions
LED lighting solutions
Sports/health equipment solutions
Medical beauty equipment solutions
Automotive industry solutions
Purifier industry solutions


Shen zhen Hi-Teachfan Co., Ltd is a professional cooling fan supplier with high quality management and modern talent management mode. Long term focus on the development of high-performance, long-life cooling fan. The box DC fan, AC fan, vortex centrifugal blower fan, cross flow fan, EC fan and waterproof fan have been widely used in more than 60 industries, such as various electronic products, mechanical equipment, power supply, medical treatment, purifier, stage lighting, automobile, refrigeration and heat transfer, beauty equipment, sports equipment, LED lamps, stage lighting equipment, etc.

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Structure of DC cooling fan


From R & D to sales, customers need to find samples in the product R & D stage. We will try our best to cooperate with customers and make samples that meet the requirements!
Conventional 25 * 25 * 10 micro fan high speed is 10000 rpm, 5V power supply current is about 0.23a
The order delivery time of mini fan is different from other products. It depends on the material condition of the order and the scale of the factory!