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       Shen Zhen Hi-Teachfan Co.,Ltd. is a professional cooling fan supplier with high quality management and modern talent management mode. Long term focus on the development of high-performance, long-life cooling fan. The box DC fan, AC fan, vortex centrifugal blower fan, cross flow fan, EC fan and waterproof fan have been widely used in more than 60 industries, such as various electronic products, mechanical equipment, power supply, medical treatment, purifier, stage lighting, automobile, refrigeration and heat transfer, beauty equipment, sports equipment, LED lamps, stage lighting equipment, etc.

Since its establishment, in line with the enterprise vision of "let HI-TEACHFAN brand be famous all over the world", our company has successively introduced top international talents to our company for R & D and production quality control. At the production level, HI-TEACHFAN selects the best brand raw materials in the market and international advanced production equipment to ensure product performance and production progress. Quality control we have a large testing laboratory to provide complete testing services for components, semi-finished products and finished products at any time; test services include reliability test, efficiency test, structure test, noise test, oxidation test, and high-speed aging test to ensure the product life and stability.

Our company has passed ISO9001 quality assurance system, and our products have obtained RoHS, CE, UL and other international certification. HI-TEACHFAN adheres to the professional attitude and product concept of "professionalism and diligence", so that every product of HI-TEACHFAN can be perfectly, efficiently and integrated with customers' products. Wholeheartedly and efficiently to provide quality service to customers!


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