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Cutting edge material, precision grinding


Recruitment position
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Location: Shenzhen
Salary: 5000-15000 yuan
Recruitment: 5
Gender requirements: None
Age requirement: 18-35 years old
Job description: foreign trade sales
Welfare: medical insurance and social insurance
Work content: release products on B2B foreign trade platform, receive and reply customer inquiries, develop customers, and develop new customers through search engine and other tools.
Job requirements:
1. Familiar with foreign trade and order management process, with relevant operation experience of Alibaba / made in China / eBay, familiar with international express price and freight calculation, experience is preferred.
2. College degree or above, major unlimited, CET-4 or above, good ability, proficient in writing in English, can communicate with customers fluently in English. Knowledge of other foreign languages is preferred.
3. Skillfully use common office software and Excel to make table of contents, quotation and other documents.
4. Have strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, steadfast and steady, bear hardships and stand hard work, have good communication ability and learning ability; good mentality, self-confidence, optimism and sense of responsibility.
Domestic sales (10)
Job responsibilities:
1. Develop target customers and complete sales tasks;
2. Keep good communication and contact with customers, collect customer information and know the status of customers at any time
3. Complete other work orders issued by department leaders.
1. Electronic products or cooling fan, pre-sale, implementation experience is preferred;
2. Have market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, analysis and problem solving ability;
3. Have a strong sense of enterprise, learn and master certain sales etiquette and technology.
4. Can use all kinds of sales skills to improve customers' purchase desire and personal sales.
5. Through communication and service, we can show good corporate image to customers and improve the popularity of enterprises and brands.
6. Timely and properly handle customer complaints, collect customers' opinions, suggestions and expectations on products, and feed back the information to the company, so as to help the company improve its business strategy and service level.
7. Abide by the enterprise's management regulations, earnestly implement the business strategies of the enterprise, and accomplish the work delivered by the superior.
job content:
1. Arrange your work according to the company's sales plan
2. Responsible for collecting market industry information, summarizing, reporting and analyzing
3. Follow up all the work of customers in your area
4. Collect competitor's product, price and market information, and feed back the information to the company to provide reference for the company's business decision.
5. Sort out customer information and follow-up every week and at the end of the month, report and collect money on time


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