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How many types of bearings are used for cooling fans?


How many types of bearings are used for cooling fans?

2020/09/28 21:42



There are three types of fan bearings that are commonly used in mainland China . Different bearings determine the life of the fan and the price is also different.

The first category : oil bearing (the industry generally indicates a life of 30,000 hours)

The second category : single ball bearing (40,000 hours)

The third category : double ball bearings (more than 50,000 hours)

This is the standard practice after the development of its own fan. With subsequent improvements, various companies have developed new styles, which have appeared in several more famous bearings.

Panasonic : Hydraulic Bearing

Jianzhun : Magnetic Bearing

Delta : FDB Bearing

Three turns : ceramic bearing

There are also some Taiwan-funded factories that have made a little improvement and have developed a series of various copper shafts, but the specific effect is unknown.

Huatuo Hengfeng has long focused on the development of high-performance, long-life cooling fans. The box DC fans, AC fans, vortex centrifugal blower fans, cross-flow fans, EC fans, and waterproof fans produced have been widely used in various electronic products, mechanical equipment, power supplies, medical treatment, purifiers, stage lighting, automobiles, and refrigeration Heat transfer, beauty equipment, sports equipment, LED lamps, stage lighting equipment and more than 60 industries. Dedication and efficient to provide customers with quality services!

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