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What is the lead time for the order of micro fans?


What is the lead time for the order of micro fans?

2020/09/28 22:51




       The order lead time of the micro fan is different from other products, depending on the order material status and the scale of the factory.


       The first. A micro fan factory on the right track, the company is generally a general taxpayer, can issue 17% value-added tax invoices, micro fan products are delivered on time, and the quality is relatively stable. These factories follow basically the same process.


       When the customer orders come, first check the acknowledgement signed back by the customer to see if there is any modification or improper place. ②Then review the order to see if the unit price is correct and the payment is correct. ③After confirming the above, the business department began to flow the DC fan orders to the next unit. The project (the project is mainly based on the relevant information of the approval letter to make the BOM table) from the procurement --- material control --- production management --- business several aspects. The normal time takes 2 days, so it is difficult for a regular micro fan factory to deliver within 1 day. (Of course, special cases are handled specially)


        The second kind. For those small factories with only a few people, they don’t need a process. They basically know what materials they use and how much materials they have in their memory, as long as they don’t estimate it wrong, and if there are not many production orders, It can also be made, and it only takes 3 hours to do it, but this kind of order factory does not like to do it, that is, the price of the fan is 1 yuan higher, and there is still no profit for the factory, and the labor time loss is too large. , Too busy.


       The third kind . There is also a company or individual that can deliver within 1 day. There are a variety of fans in the factory. If you want a 2510 fan, I will give it to you as long as it is of this size. Maybe luck. The fan he gave you is only of poor quality. Other directions such as current and voltage are still Yes, but if you are unlucky, the ones with high current will be given to you, and the ones with loud noise will be given to you too. Anyway, they are all models of 2510 fans with the right size.

       So I suggest the purchaser of the fan. When you choose the fan, if the delivery time is really rushed, if it is really to support the work with the customer, you should pay special attention to choosing a DC fan supplier. Don’t wait for the return. If you can't use it, or if you use it, the customer says no, so the loss will be great.


       Huatuo Hengfeng has long focused on the research and development of high-performance, long-life micro fans. The fans produced have been widely used in more than 60 industries such as various electronic products, mechanical equipment, power supplies, medical treatment, and purifiers. Dedication and efficient to provide customers with quality services!

       Hope that our customers will come to consult and discuss cooperation! Tel: 0755-27132123; Xu R: 177-2793-6409;




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