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Research and development of vehicle battery-powered fan products


Research and development of vehicle battery-powered fan products

2020/10/11 11:16


       We are following up with a customer who uses the 12038 micro fan. He is powered by a car battery. The car is powered by 12VDC and the truck is powered by 24VDC. He told us a problem that the DC fan burned less than 1 minute after it was powered on. So I looked around for fans.

       At that time, he also found us and asked us to send samples, but at the same time he also found three other manufacturers, and finally determined that two DC fan manufacturers could be used. Our company was not selected because our prices were a little bit higher.

       Two months later, I received a call from this customer, saying that a batch of DC fans were purchased recently, and 30% of them were bad. The bad phenomenon was burned out. Then I asked us about the reason. We didn’t see the actual product. According to the customer The phenomenon of burn-in is roughly analyzed. The customer felt that the analysis made some sense, so he said to place an order for us with 100 units first. If it is OK, he will cooperate with us later.

       The main function of the DC fan is to dissipate heat from the heat source. When we see the finished product, some customers will think this thing is very simple. In fact, it is really learned, because it is a motor, and the motor is a moving device. Many factors will affect its quality. Of course, it’s really simple as long as the fan rotates.

       For the specific parameters of the DC fan, we have made some special designs, because when the car starts, the instantaneous current to the fan is very large. If the current is too large, it may break down the electronic parts, so we must overcome this point. We design When considering these issues, do a relative regulation and current limit on the fan, this problem is solved!


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