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Classification of cooling fan noise


Classification of cooling fan noise

2020/10/11 11:27

The noise of the cooling fan is a very vague concept. I will talk about two kinds of noise here.

A mechanical noise

The wind of the fan

To solve the mechanical noise of the micro fan, we must start with the material and assembly of the fan. The following reasons will cause the fan to make loud noises

1. The induction IC touches the magnetic stripe of the fan blade of the micro fan and produces a friction sound

2. The motor component of the micro fan --- the coil is ground to the fan blade

3. The size of the assembly structure is incorrect, bearing oil ring

4. The material problem of bearing and shaft core will cause noise

Solving the fan noise of the micro fan is in the design section

Mainly in the angle, shape, and resistance of the fan blades, some fine work, dynamics, mechanics, electronics and other fields are designed here. There are currently no experts and supporting equipment in this area in mainland China. Most of them are anti-illuminated Japanese or Taiwanese fan shaped into the same product

One more thing that needs to be added is that the assembly problem of the micro fan to the micro projector will also cause noise.


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