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What is the impact of the operating noise of a dedicated micro fan for vehicles?


What is the impact of the operating noise of a dedicated micro fan for vehicles?

2020/10/11 13:46


       The excessive noise generated by the dedicated micro-fan for the vehicle is caused by the aging of the component performance or the poor dynamic balance of the fan blade. It was decided to replace the electronic cooling fan. Trouble phenomenon: According to the driver, during the cooling period of the automatic air-conditioning electronic control system, sitting in the cab can hear the "whooping" noise made by the electronic miniature car cooling fan when it is running. The sound is loud and annoying. Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting: The electronic miniature car cooling fan of the car is a stepless speed regulation type miniature car cooling fan.

       To test the performance of the new electronic micro vehicle cooling fan, the method is as follows: turn off the ignition switch, turn on the ignition switch, select the "electronic micro vehicle cooling fan" test item in the "component control" function menu of the GTl310 tester, and click "activate" Button, the new electronic miniature car cooling fan has gradually changed from low-speed operation to high-speed operation. Stop after 30s. After repeated tests, it was determined that the performance of the new electronic miniature car cooling fan was good, because the previous running noise did not appear during the entire test. Exit the "component control" function menu, restart the engine, and select the "diagnostic response" function menu

       First, confirm the fault symptoms, start the engine, press the AC button on the automatic air conditioner control panel, the air conditioner compressor runs, and the air blown from each outlet of the instrument panel is cool enough, indicating that the air conditioner compressor is working properly. The electronic mini-vehicle cooling fan in front of the condenser starts to run. As the speed of the electronic mini-vehicle cooling fan increases, the noise gradually increases, and it can be clearly heard even when sitting in the cab. The maintenance experience shows that the new electronic miniature car cooling fan is installed and tested. After the engine has been running for 10 minutes, the new electronic miniature car cooling fan emits a "whooping" noise, and the malfunction symptoms have not improved. Connect the GTl tester for self-diagnosis, select the 7 series E38 chassis model, double-click the "IHKA automatic constant temperature air-conditioning" item in the main menu of the electronic control system diagnosis, and the GTl tester will quickly scan the item, and then click "Control" Module function" button, select IHKA electronic control system, query fault information, no fault code storage.


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